The Open Source Web Host

Hosting for your Hugo site

Websites built with Hugo are supported. Enter your git repo above, or see the instructions for hosting Hugo on MarkdownSite.

Your Jekyll blog, hosted on MarkdownSite

Jekyll blogs are supported. Some steps are required, read about them here.

Hand-Rolled & Static Sites

Build your website in a directory named public/ in the root of your git repository. Enter your git repo above and click Build My Site!

How it works

When you enter your repository above, it is checked out. You might need our ssh key

You will be directed to a page to see the progress of the build and deployment process.

If there is a .markdownsite.yml file it is read and may change how MarkdownSite works.

If this is the first time your repo has been entered, a random sub-domain of is assigned.

Files in your git repo under the directory public/ are treated as a static website.

Files in your git repo under the directory site/ that end in .md are treated as markdown files.

Once these files are processed, they are sent to MarkdownSite servers and your website can receive traffic from the Internet.

In the future, when you enter your repo, it will be rebuilt and served on the same domain.

Completely Open Source

MarkdownSite is completely open source. Visit the GitHub Repo for code, diagrams, explainations, a full devops systems for setup and configuration of MarkdownSite, as well as NOC setups for systems monitoring. Use our hosting, or run your own network on your own hardware.